All about outsourcing and why it is more fun in the Philippines. This blog will answer all your burning questions about Outsourcing in the Philippines. Questions like, is this the right choice? Should I invest on this? is it risky? Why am I doing this? And even questions you've never asked yourselves!

I will provide data and studies that will ensure you on your growth as a wise entrepreneur. To ensure you further, I have a degree of Computer Science major in Network Administration as well as a Master's degree, the Master in Business Administration. I have been immersed in working as an outsource employee to several countries especially in America, Australia and as well as Uruguay. For several years now, I have helped each companies grow into a better and income generating businesses. With the business side as part of my background I further love to provide Consultancies to entrepreneurs who have doubts in hiring Filipino workers as their outsource contacts.

I am happy to blog about it and help people be better at things!

Thank you for your time here!