Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The secrets of high performing call centers

Customer service is one of the keys to improve the number of repeat customers. As you gain more loyal customers, you will definitely gain more sales from them. But, in the case of call centers especially if you outsourced and off-shored them there will be a lot of issues you need to face as you are containing repeat customers and increasing them.

There are several criticisms that your customers would have on your outsourced and off-shored call center. these includes that the operators are working from a script, unable to properly screen the issues addressed, incompetence, accent problems, automated queuing systems, excessive waiting times, repetition of issues and  so on. On the other side of that the call center's staff have their own issues. They include high stress levels, rude and abusive customers, poor working conditions, restrictive working practices and many more.

If you are looking to outsource your customer service call centers, you need to know the secrets of high performing call centers. It's not only you that needs to know this, you need to implement this on the call center you are going to contract. Helping them will also help your business too. Learn the secrets here and make this a valuable investment for you and your business!

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